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What We're Doing During Coronavirus

Firstly, we want to remind you that you are our top priority. With that we wanted to send a note to advise what we are doing in-store to provide you with a safe and clean environment.

We've also kept in mind that many of us during this time simply want a change of scenery, and a change of conversation. We want you to find comfort in the fact that we are here to support you through it all. As you know, with us- it's all about the relationships!

Know that you can still pop in and visit, have a little bubbly and browse our new imported collection.

Below are also some ways that we can assist you during this time:

1. One of our stylists will be happy to send you photos or video of what's in-store and help you shop via phone.

2.We will offer curbside delivery and bring your picks out to you.

3. We'll be happy to curate a rack catered to your choices/needs and conduct a one-on-one personal appointment in-store.

4. Don't forget! We're always open online! Visit for MOST of what we offer! Fragrance is only available in-store. Oh and do try the Guernsey Freesia parfum!

5. Last but certainly not least, we have taken all the necessary precautions advised to ensure our shop is consistently being cleaned, sanitized, and refreshed.

Well we hope this helps you to know that, once again, we're always thinking of you and we value your support. We'll look forward to seeing you soon!



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