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We told you we'd be back and, well, here we are. But some things have had to change. Well you girls know that we literally dress you while you're here in store. We zip your zippers, tie your bows, button your buttons, and pop your collars. Heck, sometimes we're even in the dressing room with you! With things the way they are now, we know that we will not be able to service you the same way for a while, in that regard. This hurts us as we are perfectionists that selfishly want you to look a certain way while rocking your WLB.

While we are a hands-on retailer, we will have to step back and dress you from afar for now. Oh well of course you'll enjoy the same conversation, love, and personalized attention, but for your safety and ours, we will limit our touching.

Also, please note that during our reopening phase we've done quite the sprucing up! With everything from the floor to ceiling redone and tidied, along with providing PPE for your comfort, we're actively doing our part in keeping our community safe and open.

So when you're comfortable, pop in! Here lies a beautiful, bright environment with unique and limited pieces to provide an interlude in your day-to-day happenings. Visiting is also a way to support your favorite small business! We are the fabric and heartbeat of our communities, and let's be honest, we need you!

As for us, we are grateful to report that we are continuing to evolve to bring you the marvelous finds we source and house from emerging designers across the globe. You can expect a graduation, if you will, of brands and designers going forward.

So with that, thank you. Thank you for sticking with us during these crazy past couple of months. We fully know and recognize that yours were deeds performed not out of "need", but from your want for a beautiful boutique find, and your wish to see us soar. For that we are forever grateful.

Now let's take these steps together onwards and upwards. We're looking forward to seeing you again. We're back!

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Firstly, we want to remind you that you are our top priority. With that we wanted to send a note to advise what we are doing in-store to provide you with a safe and clean environment.

We've also kept in mind that many of us during this time simply want a change of scenery, and a change of conversation. We want you to find comfort in the fact that we are here to support you through it all. As you know, with us- it's all about the relationships!

Know that you can still pop in and visit, have a little bubbly and browse our new imported collection.

Below are also some ways that we can assist you during this time:

1. One of our stylists will be happy to send you photos or video of what's in-store and help you shop via phone.

2.We will offer curbside delivery and bring your picks out to you.

3. We'll be happy to curate a rack catered to your choices/needs and conduct a one-on-one personal appointment in-store.

4. Don't forget! We're always open online! Visit for MOST of what we offer! Fragrance is only available in-store. Oh and do try the Guernsey Freesia parfum!

5. Last but certainly not least, we have taken all the necessary precautions advised to ensure our shop is consistently being cleaned, sanitized, and refreshed.

Well we hope this helps you to know that, once again, we're always thinking of you and we value your support. We'll look forward to seeing you soon!



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Let's be honest. This has happened to you before if you've ever been in any area of customer service. It can be discouraging, and defeating especially if you've worked really hard for a really long time. But it doesn't have to be.

I was recently talking to an artist friend of mine who was seemingly offended that a particular client hadn't purchased a certain piece of her art. This clearly really bothered her as she's passionate about her work, believes in it, and works night and day perfecting her craft.

Well I of course have been in this position before and perhaps you have too. I've found a mindset that will help if you'll take this journey with me, we're going somewhere.

Once I walked into a shop, just shopping around, seeing if anything caught my attention, and...well, I didn't have any shopper's luck that day. Once I thanked the sales associate and turned to leave, her face visibly dropped. This is not the impression we want to leave with who I call, a "non-client", which is who I was that day.

P.S. A "non-client", is a person that we work to convert into an "active client".

The last thing a retailer should do in any way, shape or form is make the client feel bad about not buying. So how do we overcome that? Your mindset when faced with this situation simply is, "it's here for the person it's here for".

That simple. When you do your best as a salesperson, let's first remember-that's our job! Secondly, don't forget that over 50% of clients will return to a salesperson whom they felt comfortable with and who wasn't pushy. So we shant ever lose hope! Our work is not in vain, and the next time you work for hours or even just quite a while with a client and they leave with nothing- rest assured, what's left behind is left for the person it's there for.

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