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West London Boutique

Beginning as just 1 rolling rack in a home office, West London Btq. was started in Las Vegas simply because there was nowhere that its founder saw fit to shop for exclusive, unique, and feminine clothing. Named after a very captivating time spent in the Western part of the city of London, the name was quite fitting as the objective was also to bring a European influence and to bridge European style to American culture. 

Landing in New Orleans by happenstance, here is where The Boutique spread its wings and flourished as a staple in the community. We not only operate in a retail capacity in-store, but also in various appearances in local magazines and newspapers, New Orleans Fashion Week, along with speaking engagements, while seldomly traveling the boutique off-site.

We are also quite engaged with the intracacies of fabrics and textiles, and are involved with our designers in the development and quality of the clothing we choose to house in-store, as client satisfaction in all aspects is our #1 priority.

The 3 words that best describe West London Btq are feminine, romantic, and dramatic.