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Starting out in the healthcare profession at Syracuse University- physical therapy to be exact-Mariah Walton Bencik quickly realized that she was not on the road to fulfilling her passion in life. Although she excelled at science, Mariah was interested more in fashion and business, therefore decided to switch her major to business management with a concentration in fashion. Shortly thereafter, off to England and France she went.


Upon returning to the States from her studies abroad, she landed a position working in the fur industry with BC International Group at Saks Fifth Avenue in her hometown of Philadelphia. Here she rapidly grew within a year to Area Manager, which eventually called her to travel to Las Vegas to grow, build, and promote new business for the company.

Becoming quite smitten with Las Vegas, Mariah decided to separate herself from her company as she felt that Las Vegas was where she needed to be. It proved to be a very good decision.


While there in Las Vegas, Mariah worked with various high fashion houses including Chanel, Gucci, Michael Kors, Burberry, Emilio Pucci and Roberto Cavalli. As a result of building quality relationships with local clientele and networking in industry-conducive settings, Mariah built a wardrobe styling business causing her to have styled the covers of Las Vegas Woman Magazine as well as writing style and business etiquette columns for Deluxe Version Magazine, and NVP Magazine.


Mariah also began teaching her own Image and Etiquette for Business workshops where she educated on proper and effective communication in business, along with speeches on wardrobing, wellness, and self-esteem. She was highly sought after from local non-profit businesses such as Hope for Prisoners, Nevada Community Associates, City of Las Vegas Youth Empowerment Programs, Dress for Success Southern NV amongst others, eventually causing her to land a teaching opportunity with the College of Southern Nevada, and most recently having guest lectured at California Polytechnic State University to the Apparel and Merchandising Management class.


Teaching has been a high honor and privilege for Mariah. She greatly enjoys educating and assisting attendees of her classes in onward and upward social mobility. Her philosophy is, “you don’t know what you don’t know”.  She believes that with the right tools, anyone can become set up for success and outclass the competition.


As life would have it, Mariah was then introduced to the idea of New Orleans living. Reluctant at first, she finally decided to relocate in February 2017. To her great surprise, her lifelong dream was awaiting her in the Crescent City. Before long, Mariah was to open West London Btq; a boutique named after her glorious and fashionable time spent studying business and style in the western part of the city of London.

This has proved to be Mariah’s greatest accomplishment; the one she's most proud of. Mariah believes that there is nothing better than rising every morning to do what you love, while giving back and helping people along the way. This is the primary reason she penned "Retail, She Wrote", a guidebook on elevated retail practices.

In doing this continuous and cyclical work, Mariah is looking forward to a long career in the spellbinding city of New Orleans.

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