The Lost Art of Customer Service

I wholly loathe bad customer service, yet many places of business operate in it every single day. Perhaps it’s just me remembering the times when I longed for my own business, when I could see it in my mind; the aesthetic, the details. It was designed long before it materialized. I remember the days when I worked for other companies and was overlooked, poorly treated as an employee, and unimpressed with my management, as clearly they couldn't care less about the success of the business we were in. It was miserable. But I had to endure it.. a girl’s gotta work.

If I had a business of my own, I would never want my guests customer to feel as if I were doing a less than stellar job. What? Offend my bread and butter? Never! After all I’d been through, after all the times I’d gotten fired for speaking up too much or too soon or both, after all the insubordinate employees I had to tolerate? I’d be greeting every single one, building relationships, gaining influence, using my gifts and talents in the community.

How dare a person not greet a client when they walk in their door. That’s the first thing taught in “Retail 101”. How dare a business argue with a client, not go the extra mile, use sarcasm, show a complete lack of empathy or care of their client’s continued business. How dare they!

Customer service needs to be retaught and revamped as clearly there’s a misconstrued concept of what it is. When a client does you the honor of patronizing your business, in my opinion, that should be a relationship that one would begin to nurture as they would a garden. Plant your seeds of loyalty, honesty and reliability to begin with. Tend to that client, grow and enrich that relationship, oversee it as it produces fruit. It’s incredibly foolish to stunt the growth of your business by essentially splashing bleach on your work by disrespecting your clients or losing your humility and forgetting the feeling of your 1st sale, or when you closed that deal.