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Men Are Welcome!

Hello Hello Women Boutique Owners! Are you ensuring that you're making the MEN that come into your shop feel welcomed? Across many years of retail, I've found that men are by far the easiest guests to convert and the easiest to build a client relationship with. Why? Because 8 times out of 10, they're in a rush and are in dire need of help, they're buying for someone else and really don't want to spend too much time on that task, or my favorite- they simply like an item so much that they want 5 of them!

But oftentimes when men walk into a ladies boutique, they are shunned, ignored, not greeted, not taken seriously, and not paid attention to. Wrong. Many times I have had male clients visit my shop and tell me horror stories of their visits in other shops. They then end up purchasing their significant other a gift or 2 from us, and what's better, they revisit. All because they felt (key word) comfortable.

It's wise to also keep in mind the men that come in WITH their ladies. Are you engaging in a respectful conversation with him while the lady is in the fitting room? Are you abreast on current affairs (I.e. climate control, events in town, appropriate events in the news)? These are all things that your male client will be comfortable engaging with you on.

Please also be mindful not to judge! Sometimes a gentleman may want to shop after work with his work gear on. Ummm, he's coming from work! Clearly he can shop, you may want to help him. And even if he doesn't shop, get into the practice of building a client relationship with everyone that enters your door. Get their information, follow up with them, make sure they have your business card. Doing your job the right way, that client will remember you and your elevated service, and they will return.

Take my word for it...building your male clientele can be a wonderful and rewarding part of your business.

So remember today! Men Are Welcome!

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