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I Want Women To Dress Like Ladies Again

Updated: Sep 6, 2017

I really do. That's part of the reason I started West London Boutique. Starting out as a showroom in my home, I wanted to bring pieces in that would show that we're women, but also ladies. There was a time when women were adorned in gloves, lovely hats, stockings with garters, and high collars. I'd like to also note that marriages were at a 90% rate among couples. There was a chase. Women were courted. Men had no choice but to date them and enjoyed the "work" of uncovering and coveting what all the ladies held so dearly cloaked.

Nowadays with social media "models" and society's take on what's sexy, women and girls are led to believe that showing more skin or just skintight will lead to increased dates and relationships. Wrong! Time and time again, it leads to just the opposite, or only a temporary thing. We have to be mindful of the messages we send.

West London is aimed at changing that whole dynamic. Our clothing is feminine with class and taste; sometimes trendy with drama, romance and grace. Although we know we won't be everyone's cup of tea, if we steadily can get one... we've won.

Until next time!


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