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Arko sneakers were inspired by bones. Small bones, such as the ones in the spine or finger, have multidirectional spikes. Each piece is constructed in such an incredible way allowing us to move in certain angles. Its supportive yet flexible structure inspired the designer, and she started carving small rubber pieces that looked just like bone units. Once those were assembled, the result had an aggressive appearance of teeth or spine, and this is how Arko was born.

Arko's foam rubber outsole has two layers, the softer upper part absorbs the shock, and the harder lower layer is for a better grip and durability. Its crisscrossed bottom shape allows for enhanced flexibility following the anatomy of the foot while having stable support in height.

Its upper is a mixture of quilted sheep-nappa and reinforced and intertwined cow leather, which combined with its adjustable laces, offer a huge comfort to its wearer.


Height: 50mm

Comfort: These sneakers adapt to your feet thanks to their ergonomic technology. Its diamond-shaped padded sole offers additional support to the arch of the foot, providing an experience of maximum comfort combined with a modern design.

High quality: It has an ultra-light sole that makes the shoes so comfy. Even though it’s lightweight, the impact of walking is absorbed and this guarantees a shoe that will last.

Sustainability: The leather that we use for our footwear has a tanning treatment that pollutes less than the usual tanning processes and achieves much more breathable leather as a result. The leather suppliers are certified by the Leather Working Group, the largest leather sustainability program in the world.

Arko Spine

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