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Welcome, Brazil.

Flared skirt made of cutouts distributed in 8 strips cut from the fabric thread.

This technique gives the skirt more structure and volume in the circle, eliminating the peaks that are common in most flared skirts. In addition, it has functional pockets on the sides and wide hems, giving more weight, since the modeling is very wide.

The closure is made with large reforestation wood buttons, and the fabric composition is linen with modal.

This skirt is a perfect combination with cropped tops, strap blouses, sleeves and t-shirts made from natural fabrics. On the feet, it matches with heels, sneakers and flats.

As it does not go through the dyeing process, in addition to being sustainable, the neutral color is another factor that makes it easier to combine with other wardrobe items.

Our suggestion: combine it with light pieces on top and have several outfits with a single skirt.

Skirt Godê

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